VIGOUR offers flexibility in the realization of your personal dream bathroom with a complete bathroom equipment, which you can be proud of and which accompanies you every day.

Years of German experience and passion, combined with the excellent design skills of a designer team, are incorporated into the development and production of each bathroom essential. All products are designed so that they always give a harmonious overall picture in the combination of the different lines.

VIGOUR system and product solutions can be used in the private bathroom, in the hotel bathroom, in bathrooms of health and rehabilitation facilities and in sanitary areas of commercial and public facilities.  VIGOUR combines exclusive design with best comfort and highest utility value. The products from the fields of ceramics, fittings, shower and bathtubs, shower enclosures, furniture and accessories are all manufactured with the quality of German engineering. The individual design lines also leave nothing to be desired visually. Our partners and customers experience us as a reliable, innovative and competent manufacturer.

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