For over 50 years, SFA Group's goal has been to allow anyone to easily install bathroom fixtures, laundry rooms and kitchens anywhere and without any major work.  As the French inventor of the famous macerating systems, today SFA is among the top companies worldwide in bathroom fixtures.  Synonymous with quality and technical expertise, the company’s made in France products comply with the strictest requirements and consistently meet customer expectations.

To maintain this excellence, their R&D and engineers are constantly innovating high-tech products that conform rigidly to environmental and technological standards.  With their own manufacturing unit and major resources devoted to research and development, the SFA Group is a global player, with subsidiaries and distributors that offer a complete line of grinders and pumps designed for the home, multi-family housing, and boats.

The company & their partners share similar values in terms of innovation, industrial efficiency, and customer service as everyone commit themselves every day to spread one common goal: offering the millions of SFA customers worldwide the same quality of service yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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